Our history

Founded with passion several decades ago, our inn has evolved to become an iconic destination in the charming Trois-Rivières region.

Over the years, our family-run establishment has welcomed travelers from around the world, building connections and creating a warm community. The name “La Véranda” resonates with the essence of our history, evoking the large windowed galleries that overlook picturesque views of the Notre-Dame-du-Cap-de-la Madeleine sanctuary.

Each room tells its story, with thoughtfully designed spaces and personalized touches that demonstrate our commitment to comfort and hospitality. Our inn is the fruit of a passion passed down from generation to generation, marked by unforgettable moments shared within our walls.

Evolution and change

We pride ourselves on having evolved with the times, adding modern conveniences while preserving the authentic charm that characterizes our inn. Our story intertwines with that of our hosts, forming a story where each chapter is marked by conviviality, comfort and the discovery of the magnificent region that surrounds us.

Whether you are a long-time regular or discovering our hostel for the first time, dive into "Our History" and share with us the journey that makes Auberge La Véranda a unique place where every moment counts.